Artificial Intelligence: The Future Of Crypto Trading (Part-1)

2 min readFeb 9, 2021

AI is a new emerging technology of the future. Crypto trading on the other hand is going to be the face of financial markets soon. Combination of AI in the field of crypto trading has brought in drastic change in this field. AI will be an advantageous technology in the field of trading as it will help in reducing the risk through a proper study using data. Empirical data are been utilized all over we can rely on the pros that can be claimed through AI in the field of crypto trading.

AI as a Trading Tool

Traditional financial markets had already started using AI. In order to get better returns on their trades, many hedge funds rely on AI. Empirical data is unavoidable while it comes to projects that involve machine learning.

The role of empirical data is less in the crypto stock market. But AI’s impact is slower in the crypto Stock Market. Algorithmic trading has a major advantage in that It doesn’t take into account human bias. It works on clear instructions, trends, and signals generated by the data.

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