How to enhance your e-commerce Business with perfect Digital Marketing strategies?

4 min readMar 23, 2022
Build ecommerce business with digital marketing

E-commerce business is a highly competitive field. The big names like Amazon, Flipkart, etc are ruling the arena.

So as an e-commerce business owner how can one improve their revenue from the same? The answer is to execute a perfect Digital Marketing Strategy.

A perfect Digital Marketing strategy makes sure that your e-commerce website gets the required traffic and thus generates lead.

It is estimated that revenue from the e-commerce business is expected to grow by 25 percent and $74.8 Billion in 2023, according to Global Data, a data and analytics company.

Hence, to reap profits from this opportunity your e-commerce business website needs to be digital marketing ready so that you can attract more customers.

Well, let us check out how we can enhance your e-commerce business with digital marketing Strategies by driving in more traffic and thus earn more revenue through this article.

  1. Ask for the Sale

The basic idea of direct selling is asking for a sale by explaining the exclusive features of the product that you are selling.

The case with Digital Marketing of your e-commerce product is also the same.

You can showcase the features of the product using the most available features like the latest 3D and 36⁰⁰ views. Also, there are AI-powered gizmos.

But the important part is that you need to ask-for-sale. You can place the call to action button, like “BUY NOW” or else, the shoppers may get confused and abandon the cart.

There are multiple ways of asking for the sale. Some of them are as follows:

Cross-Selling: Assume that the customer has bought a laptop. So he/she may be planning to buy items like a mouse, screen cleaner, or insurance for the product purchased. Showcase these items and can even provide them an offer if bought together.

Various studies have shown these tactics have induced the customers to purchase those products too.

Upselling: It has been found that depicting a higher priced item next to the shopper’s choice, results in the shopper going for the higher-priced one. So it, in turn, increases your revenue.

Call to Action (CTA) Buttons: Place attention-grabbing CTA on every page. Also, place them in the middle and bottom of each page. The CTA button content should be short and crisp.

  1. Promote Social Media purchases

The maximum use of social media platforms helps your e-commerce business to thrive. The sales happening through social media like Instagram and Facebook have reported huge sales according to various studies.

Showcase your product with visual appeal through these platforms and make the checkout procedure easy and quick for the shoppers!

You can get high sales through these social media platforms if marketed properly.

  1. Make your e-commerce site Responsive

The majority of the customers do purchase a product using their mobile phones. So it’s very much important to develop mobile-friendly websites. The ease of purchase through your mobile-friendly platform induces the customer to purchase more.

  1. Leverage the Real Power of Email Marketing

Email Marketing plays a very important role in enhancing your e-commerce business.

Make sure that you send personalized emails to the customers regarding the special offers for them, or a welcoming message, etc. Let us see of them below:

Welcome Emails: A welcome email helps to form a strong foundation between your brand and the shoppers. It gives them a sense of trust when and will get back to you for a purchase.

Send Exclusive Coupons and Offers: Shoppers buy more when they get discounts or special offers. So you can send them special coupons or offers by email.

Ask for Feedback: Ask for feedback for the experiences they had for purchasing the product. It helps you learn about the customers and your business. So it will help you in planning your business strategies.

A good marketing agency will help you to execute effective email marketing templates and details regarding the same.

  1. SEO

Proper SEO makes sure that your e-commerce website ranks in the search engines. The products listed on your e-commerce website should be ranked higher than your competitors so that potential customers can find the products they need in the search engine and reach your e-commerce website.

SEO promotes your organic search traffic and thus automatically greater sales occur. The majority of the customers use Google to research purchasing decisions. So the necessity for having a search engine optimized website and product pages is critical.


Digital Marketing is the trump card of the present times if you want your e-commerce business to succeed. It helps your business to generate more traffic and thus encourage purchases. Follow the above-given strategies to raise your e-commerce revenue.

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