Innovative Health-Tech Solutions Transforming Patients’Experience

4 min readSep 20, 2021

The Covid Pandemic has emphasized the growth of healthcare solutions. Patients need to have everything at hand nowadays. They intend to stay coherent with their healthcare amenities, being able to contact medical practitioners for immediate and expert opinions on health conditions, as well as receive health reports via mobile apps.

Like any other industry, healthcare has also been subjected to several changes with the advancement in technology. People relying more on smartphones, mobile apps, etc for medical treatments to general health and well-being, have become common these days.

The right choice of mobile app development services, presenting the appropriate customized healthcare apps, is a necessity of the time.

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Frontline Healthcare technologies

Patients always demand precision when it comes to healthcare needs. Hence healthcare companies have to be cautious in presenting them with accurate information regarding their health. Besides, the pandemic has aggravated the competition among healthcare companies, in presenting their potential to fulfil their customer demands.


To stay connected to patients, chatbots are of great help. Chatbot algorithms are trained on huge healthcare data which encompasses disease symptoms, diagnostics, and available treatments.

Instead, they can also be utilized for scheduling medical appointments, extracting information about available physicians, booking slots, and even intimate pharmacy working hours. Furthermore, they can even be used for collecting patient data and to handle insurance queries.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Incomplete medical history can usually lead to fatal human errors. However, the use of AI can predict and diagnose the disease at a faster rate than most medical professionals, with minimal or zero errors. Other than that, it also aids professionals to provide personalized care to patients for medicines and tests.

  • Wearables

As wearables are present in the moments of a patient’s life where another technology isn’t, it has several benefits. It focuses mainly on healthy habits and provides users with timely decisions on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a meal chart and step counting.

The capacity of blockchain to maintain a decentralized, incorruptible, and transparent log of the entire patient data, concealing the identity of an individual with complex and secure codes that ensures the protection of intensely sensitive medical data, as it is not stored on any server.

Monitoring and sharing health information is a key necessity these days. Using mobiles, people can stay in touch with their health, giving several important insights allowing physicians to make diagnoses fewer and easier.

Essentials of having a healthcare app

The use of healthcare solutions and applications are several. People need to access their healthcare and meet their concerns.

Healthcare mobile apps and web solutions extend support to doctors, clinicians, and professionals in better management of patients.

Mobile app development should be done with the utmost care, where special attention should be provided to the personal requirements of the customers. This feature offers hassle-free doctor appointments. On the other hand, it can also maintain reminders for the right intake of medicines, sleep, water intake, and consumption targets.

A seamless flow of information in digital health care infrastructure created by Electronic Health Records leverages digital progress, eventually providing better care to the patient. It aims at improved patient care, increased patient participation with better diagnostics and patient outcomes.

With the advancements in technology, people find it easy to keep a steady track of their health such as checking heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure, and so on. Apart from that, due to the pandemic Covid 19, people tend to give more heed to oxygen levels too, using smartwatches, mobile, and other devices.


As there are around 165000 apps on healthcare that are accessible over the mobile, you need to choose wisely. However, rather than going after the traditional apps, having one customized exclusively for you is the best possible solution.

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