Wearable Technology- Ensuring Workplace Safety

How wearable technology help reduce risks in the workplace

Accidental injuries, such as a slip or fall, may happen by chance and are often inevitable. The majority of the time, though, one of the leading causes of accidents is a lack of proper job technique. In the case of loading and unloading, for example, asymmetrical loading often results in accidents.

How Wearables Can Help Improve Workplace Safety

Wearable technology has advanced to the point that it can now precisely measure human gestures and postures in ways that have never been possible before. As a result, they are capable of supplying businesses with timely, objective data that can be effectively interpreted and translated into useful outcomes.

  • Lower back muscle activation has decreased by 84 percent.
  • In terms of bricks per minute, a 17 percent improvement in efficiency.
  • Repetitive high-risk movements were reduced by 70%.



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